I'm Erin Cruise, solo artist/bandleader/event coordinator and founder of Cruise Control Music.


 I have been heading up various wedding/party bands, helping countless clients plan their events and providing them with "live" entertainment for over 20 years.  What I've learned in that time is that each client and each event is unique to another.  One size does NOT fit all!  So, HERE you build your own ensemble, based on your occasion AND your budget!  You're never restricted to one size! With my services, you can hire a soloist, or a 10-pc band.  You build it, I provide it!  It's that simple!  Welcome to my website!  I look forward to serving you at your next event!!





  • Mom & Dad  -for your genes, for the singalongs Dad, and for understanding my path even though you trust the music business as far as you can throw it!


  • My brothers Michael, Shawn & Tim - just because I love you!


  • Uncle Clint, Aunt Mary & family on the West Coast - for reassuring me that I come from a wealth of great talent!! Thanks for being so open and giving of your love of music and for being such a positive force!

  • Charlie Allenson - for sharing your songs and stories with me!


  • Bruce Sudano & family - for providing me with a tremendous opportunity that I will never ever forget and for being the talented and genuine people that you are! I wish you the best!


  • Chrissy "Sista" - what can I say? You've been a dearest friend (thanks for your endless hospitality whenever I roll into NY to gig) and more of a musical influence on me than you will ever know! God bless you! I love you! I am a better singer today because of you!

  • Al Craven - for not only employing me but entertaining me to the point of almost pissing myself on practically every gig! Thanks for the memories, baby!!! You're one of a kind!
  • ETA - for your level of professionalism. It's been my privilege and pleasure to work with such a great band and such a nice group of guys! Thanks for the past seven years!


  • All the guys in SistaGroove - there is no greater talent anywhere! Love you, miss you!!!


  • The men and women of Cruise Control - love you too and am so glad I found you! You all rock!


  • Chris Novak - for a year of great fun in the studio!! You are a ......true talent and a true friend!


  • Jim Ebersole & Joe Scarcia - for calling me!! New Orleans funk was never a part of my background, but man, have I learned a lot from you two in the studio! Love working with you! I wish you both the absolute best this business has to offer! You deserve it!


  • Jonathan Skiffington - for holding me up after my divorce. For never letting me forget the humorous side of life. For being my strength and my comfort!


  • Billy Seidman - for one of the most exciting years of my musical career! Thanks for all of your diligence and hard, hard work! I respect you as a songwriter and will be forever grateful for your belief in me as an artist!


  • Michele DelGardo - boy did we have some good times!!!! And you were right there with me (along with Eileen) during my record deal! I will never forget the ski trips, the Florida trips and the laughs and all of your moral support! Miss you tons!


  • My friends in York - for being my friends in York! You're all great Moms, great friends, great human beings and I thank you for embracing me for who I am!


  • My ex-husband, Michael - for two gorgeous children, for a friendship I cherish and for making it possible for me to continue to do what I love. I am one of YOUR biggest fans!