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Here is a sampling of the musical services we provide.  These are just guidelines/suggestions for your consideration, in terms of instrumentation you might want:




Whether you're planning a wedding, private or corporate function, big or small, it's likely you have questions regarding having "live" music at your event. Below are the answers to some frequently asked questions, that you might find helpful.

Wedding Ceremonies - string quartet, keyboardist, trumpet, classical guitar, harpist, soloist or any combination you choose.



Cocktail Hours/Parties - pianist, saxophone, bass, soloist, guitar, percussion, or any combination.



Weddings/Large Events - drums, bass, guitar, keys, soloists, horns, any combination of 4-5 or more of these.



Sound - For parties involving 5 pieces or more, we provide asoundman complete with sound equipment and lighting.



Emceeing - You can leave all of the necessary introductions and announcements to me during your event, unless otherwise instructed.  My job is not only to lead the band and sing but to keep the order and flow of things in check throughout the event.



Event Planning - In addition to the musical end of things, I can also assist with your planning process!  I'd be happy to provide my years of experience in helping you plan each detail leading up to and including the day of your event.  Let me know how I can help! 




1. How many pieces are in the band?
2. How far in advance should you book?
3. Cocktail Hour/Ceremony Music?
4. Sound & Lights?
5. Will the band leader take care of introductions/announcements?
6. Can the band learn songs that aren't on the song list? 
7. What about song selections from our list?
8. What about meals for the band?
9. What about the volume of the band?
10. Continuous vs. Non-continuous Music? 
11. What about Travel Expenses? 
12. Contract & Deposit?
13. Where have you performed?


1. How many pieces are in the ensemble?  As few or as many as you would like.  You build it, we will come!


2. How far in advance should you book? For Saturday evening affairs, that being the most popular night of the week, it's highly recommended, especially during busy season (May thru Dec) to book 3-9 months in advance. If you're having "live" music at your event, the band, besides the location, is one of the first things you want to secure.


3. Cocktail Hour/Ceremony Music?Yes, we can provide both or either, usually at an additional fee. Please inquire further about that.


4. Sound & Lights? Yes, we provide the sound or P.A. system for your event. You are responsible to make sure we have the electricity and the space to set up. The rest we take care of. We have lighting, which is optional. How elaborate of a sound & lighting setup, depends on where the event is taking place and if it's during the day or evening, indoor/outdoor, how big the room is, and how much existing lighting is there.


5. Will the bandleader take care of introductions/announcements?Absolutely. We can do all the emceeing you require, specifically to suit your event.


6. Can the ensemble learn songs that aren't on the song list? Of course. Again, we are providing a service specifically for you and your event. However,  we have a limit of no more than three (3) new songs per event. If you have more than that, and we can't do it "live", a CD or iPod version can be played.


7. What about song selections from our list? We highly recommend that you give us as much input as you deem necessary as far as which songs from our list you want played at your event. It's also very helpful to us if you provide a list of songs you Don't want played at your event!


8. What about meals for the ensemble? We require meals for the ensemble, plus one, when there is a soundman necessary, for events lasting 4 hours or longer.   It's best that we eat when you and your party eat and in a timely fashion so that we can get back on stage and be ready to play.


9. What about volume? Lots of people are concerned about that because some parties are more for conversation and some are for getting people on the dance floor, but we find that most should be tailored for both! We like to provide energy for those who want to move and enough volume control for those who would like to speak and be heard. We encourage you to monitor it yourself and let us know how we're doing. It's YOUR party!


10. Continuous vs. Non-continuous Music? By definition, here, continuous music is whereby there is some configuration of bandmembers on the stage continuously playing throughout the event, sometimes full ensemble, sometimes two to three pieces, staggering breaks so as to provide continuous "live" music. Non-continuous music is where the whole band takes a designated break and CD or iPod music is provided during that time. There IS a price difference between the two, continuous costing more.


11. What about Travel Expenses?Travel expenses become effective with any gig being more than 75 miles each way from Harrisburg city limits. The fee is based on basic driving expenses/player. If the gig is more than 75 miles away and it ends late in the evening, then we may require hotel rooms to be included in the contract. Most often, if at all possible, we like to go home and sleep in our own beds!! But, there are exceptions, and we are not opposed to doing an overnighter!  Some of the areas we are accustomed to travelling to but are not limited to are:  Baltimore, D.C., State College, Reading, Philly and points beyond. 


12. Contract & Deposit? Should you decide to hire Cruise Control Music Services for your event, you will be required to sign a contract and return it with a deposit. This secures the band for you and assures us that we can hold your date at our end, risk-free. Typically, you will receive two identical copies of the contract, both signed by the bandleader. You simply keep one, then sign the other and return with a non-refundable deposit amounting to 20% of agreed upon total price, within 15 days of receipt.


13. Where have you performed?

Hotel Hershey (Hershey, PA)
Harrisburg Hilton (Harrisburg, PA)
Whitaker Center (Harrisburg, PA)
Blue Ridge Country Club (Harrisburg, PA)
Country Club of Harrisburg (Harrisburg,PA)
Eden Resort (Lancaster, PA)
Yorktowne Hotel (York, PA)
Outdoor Country Club (York, PA)
West Shore Country Club (Camp Hill, PA)
Colonial Country Club (Linglestown, PA)
Stone Mill Inn (Hallam, PA)
Stock's on 2nd (Harrisburg, PA)
Symposium (Lancaster, PA)


If you have any other questions that have not been answered above, simply contact me any time at either the email address or phone number, or through the Contact Page!